Author, Political Psychologist, Psychoanalyst


About Stephen J. Ducat

I am an author, political psychologist, psychoanalyst, and former psychology professor in the School of Humanities at New College of California, where I taught courses in political psychology, cross-cultural psychology, and psychohistory. My doctorate is from the Wright Institute in Berkeley, California. I completed my psychoanalytic training at the Psychoanalytic Institute of Northern California and am a licensed psychologist in California and Oregon.

From the beginning of my career as a psychologist and writer, I have been ceaselessly plagued by what drives people to support autocrats and persecute out-groups, even at the cost of their material self-interest. My history of publications reflects those long-standing concerns.

Thoughts on Stephen’s Work as a Teacher, Writer, and Clinician

“Stephen was a brilliant professor. I liked his classes so much that I took them all twice. As a professional business and marketing consultant who went on to get an MBA and have spent the last 20 years teaching others how to build something lasting in our culture, I can honestly say I use more of what Stephen taught me than any other instructor I have ever had. His thoughtful and conscientious approach gave me the ethical grounding to serve thousands of clients with the same high standards he instilled in me more than 20 years ago. ”

— Illana Burk, former student and CEO of

“Even those who disagree with Ducat’s values can appreciate his skillful deployment of anecdotes, media, and wordplay.”

— Psychology Today

“I found him tremendously effective as a therapist and am so grateful for his care. When my husband and I came to him, we were struggling with a complicated constellation of issues that was difficult to process or even articulate. Dr. Ducat is skilled in breaking problems down into smaller components so that the big-picture problems did not seem insurmountable. His approach is both pragmatic and sympathetic. My husband and I never felt that we were "at fault" for the problems in our marriage, but rather, that we had different and conflicting ways of communicating our needs. I love his collaborative, holistic approach and his willingness to be compassionately direct about things that were difficult to hear. He is smart, warm, and funny. A truly skilled doctor.” SC

— Psychotherapy patient from a Zocdoc-verified review